Solar Panel Installation for Building Merchants

At Go Green Solar, we recognise the need and importance of providing a specialised service for renewable energy across different sectors, including commercial units that may be used by materials suppliers, builder’s merchants, small businesses and more.

By embracing renewable energy solutions like solar panels, owners of commercial units can reduce their energy costs, minimise their carbon footprint and even generate an additional source of income through any excess energy created.

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Generate Renewable Energy

Installing solar PV systems is an efficient use of the often unused roof space of commercial units. As these roofs are typically relatively flat and have a large surface area, they are well suited to solar panels and can be used to generate energy for the business.

A single panel can generate between 350-450 watts of energy per day, even when it’s not a clear day. By harnessing this power from the sun, commercial unit owners can reduce their reliance on the national grid.

Save Money with Renewable Energy

As energy prices continue to rise, many businesses are finding it more difficult to manage their overheads without being forced to pass additional costs onto customers.

Solar panels allow your business to generate its own renewable energy, reducing or even completely eliminating your reliance on unsustainable energy.

What’s more, solar panels may even generate your business income by selling excess electricity back to the grid.

Solar Panel Case Study - Bristol Building Supplies (BBS) Building Merchants

BBS contacted Go Green Solar looking to utilise renewable energy to make savings on their energy running costs.

We installed 80 panels in conjunction with air conditioning units to keep their unit at a comfortable temperature all year around. The old boiler was removed and instantaneous hot water units all running off the Solar PV system were installed.

BBS will start to make savings immediately and can expect to save £1000’s every year from their new renewable energy setup.

Want to save on energy bills with an efficient solar PV system at your golf club?

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All Our Renewable Solutions

Solar Panels

Want to save, on average, 70% on your electricity bills and help the planet at the same time? Our inhouse team can professionally install Solar PV and Battery Storage Systems.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Thinking of upgrading your heating and hot water system? We can provide complete Air Source Heat Pump installation.

EV Charging Points

Do you already own or are thinking of buying a electric car? Ensure you can charge your electric vehicle quickly and easily from your home or workplace with an EV Charging Point.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Installation

Our team includes skilled engineers, meaning we are able to install your energy system without having to sub contract to a third party. This enables us to provide you with an accurate quote from the offset without any surprise fees.

Competitive Pricing

We don't believe in charging the earth for our services which is why we offer quality installations at competitive prices. We even offer a free site visit to ensure you receive the best energy solution for your needs. 

Personalised Service

Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority which is why, unlike many national companies, we prefer to keep our services localised, allowing us to deliver a personalised service each time.

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