Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

Most domestic solar panel installations take no more than a few days, with scaffolding typically being installed a couple of days earlier and a come down a few days after.

How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

Solar panel systems are built to last for more than 25 years and even after this time has passed, the system will continue to generate at least 80% of its initial output peak rate.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is a system that sits outside of your home and utilises a fan to draw air through refrigerant piping. This air is then harvested for heat energy.

Do I need a South Facing Roof for Solar Panels?

While it’s true that solar panels work best on any south facing roof, solar PV panels installed on roofs which are East or West facing will still operate at 85% efficiency and will still generate a significant amount of electricity throughout the day.

Do I need constant sunshine for my solar panels to work?

No, solar panels work in all daylight conditions, even on cloudy or rainy days.

Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

What maintenance is required for an Air Source Heat Pump?

Just like a Gas Boiler, your air source heat pump system will also require an annual service from a qualified engineer. Speak to our team today if you require a air source heat pump service.

Do I need planning permission to install an Air Source Heat Pump?

You don’t usually require planning permission to install an air source heat pump. But if you are unsure do not hesitate to contact your local planning office to check.

Do I need to clean my Air Source Heat Pump?

You can clean the outside of the system. The internals are cleaned when your annual service takes place.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Noisy?

No, generally, an air source heat pump produces noise levels of 40-60 decibels from a distance of one meter away.

Do I need a big space to install an Air Source Heat Pump?

No, only a few meters squared outside.

How much roof space do I need for Solar Panels?

Each panel measures around 1.8 x 1.1 meters. Therefore, for 8 panels you would need to have roof space which measured at least 14.4 x 8.8 meters. However, the more roof space you have the more panels can be installed.

What Guarantees will my Solar system come with?

All of our panels have a 25 year warranty and the batteries come with a 10 year warranty.

Do Solar Panels need cleaning?

No, they are self cleaning. One less thing you need to worry about!

If I have Solar Panels can I come off grid?

Yes, it is possible but most system do need to be connected to the grid.

How long will it take to install an Air Source Heat Pump?

On average a air source heat pump system will take around 4 days to install by one of our professional engineers.

How do I know if my property is suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump?

An EPC can help indicate suitability. However, it may take a professional to carry out a survey.

Can I charge my EV car with Solar Panels?

Yes, if you have enough panels. We would highly recommend that you also install a battery storage system with your solar panels. If you would like advice on installing solar panels and EV charging in your property speak to one of our team.

Do different Electric Vehicles require different charging points?

Most charging points are now designed to be compatible for most electric vehicles. If you are unsure about the fitting speak to our team before installing.

How long will it take to install an EV Charger?

On average it will take one of our professional engineers 4 hours to fit and test your new EV charging point.

Do you outsource your installations?

No, we are lucky enough to have an in-house team of qualified engineers which means we can always monitor the quality and consistency of our work.

What areas do you cover?

We can provide any solar panel installation, air source heat pump installation and servicing and EV charging installation across the whole of the South West.

Can you offer other energy and heating services?

Yes our sister company Gas Safe Bristol carry out a wide range of services.

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